Other types of donations

Apart from donating whole blood donation in bags of 350 or 450 ml., there are special types of donations. Special kind of donation is a donation of a part of blood elements, performed by means of a special apparatus. The procedure itself is called apheresis and depending on what is taken from the donor, below given procedures of apheresis exist:
-Plasmapheresis (the donor donates plasma only)
-Thrombo-cytapheresis ( the donor donates platelets only)

The type of donation and the consent for the same depends on the donor. For each blood donation, the doctor may ask you to whether you will donate whole blood or are interested in donating apheresis. Donors should be informed through flyers and other marketing material about other types of donations and the alternatives they can choose from.

At the Department for special types of donations, harvest procedures as a separate procedure also take place. This is a special procedure in the treatment of patients suffering from leukemia. This is made in cooperation with the Clinics of Hematology.