The basic rule in providing safe blood and voluntary donors is getting Reliable information and accepting in the pre-donor period which entails counseling as well after each donation of blood and blood components in the post-donor period.

Within the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of RM – Skopje, functions the Blood donors Counceling , where each donor is accepted by the responsible medical specialist and psychologist.

Pre-donor advising period of voluntary blood donors includes:
1.recruiting regular donors,
2.donors on call
3. recruiting and motivating donors for a special kind of blood donation of blood components (platelets). All these donors covered in the Counseling are given the opportunity to decide to which category of donors they will join with self-determination for voluntary donation of blood and blood components. Every pre-donor counseling provides a well informed donor who will exclude himself from donation if he has a reason for that.

Professionals in Counseling are in a constant contact with the donor, so as to finally reach the period of their post-donor counseling, ending with their exclusion from further donation. We assist the donor who is reactive to some viruses transmitted by blood, to decide on early treatment and prevention of the consequences and to be directed to appropriate clinics.

Post-test counseling is not aimed only for taking care of confirmed positive blood donors but also has an important role in promoting healthy lifestyle and promoting regular blood donation for those who showed no reactions to blood-transmitted infections after blood donation.

Counseling accepts blood donors and their family members who undergo:
• Advising the blood donor with reactive last blood donation, for his further behavior in the process of blood donation.
• Family counseling, blood donors with reactive last donation usually come with a family member (a parent or a spouse) and then they are taken to family counseling.

Giving reliable information and counseling donors in donor pre-and post-donor period makes the professional staff trained for confidential voluntary counseling and testing (VCT).

Counseling for blood donors
Prim Dr. Juliana Aleksovska, spec.transfuziologyst
Psychologist Kathy Edrovska Isajlovski
Tel: +389 2 3226 923 l.124
mob: +389 78488078

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