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Training Programme and Curriculum Course on Quality Management in Blood Transfusion 2014 – Ljubljana31.01.2014Training Programme and Curriculum Course on Quality Management in Blood Transfusion 2014 – Ljubljana Group I.12 Medical doctors, specialists of transfusion medicine, Blood transfusion committee members, Quality managers/responsible persons from NITM and 3 regional BT Centers By H.W. Reesink and P.Rožman 1. The purpose of the Training programme The overall objective of the project IPA Component I (TAIB 2009) »Strengthening of the Blood Safety System«, Europe Aid/130132/D/SER/MK 10-4776/, 12 months from 25 March 2013- 24 March 2014, is to provide quality, efficient and continuous health care to the population of the Beneficiary Country , i.e. Macedonia, through providing safety of blood and blood components, as well as through protecting the population from communicable diseases.

Проект ИПА “Зајакнување на системот за безбедност на крв”31.01.2014Во рамки на проектот “Зајакнување на системот за безбедност на крв” финансиран од ЕУ, a имплементиран од ХД Eвропска Kонсалтинг Група доо од Белград од 27.01.2014 до 31.01.2014 во Заводот за трансфузиона медицина на Љубљана, колаборативен центар на СЗО, се изврши професионална едукација на 12 лекари од Националниот институт за трансфузиона медицина на РМ. Ко- организатори на обуката беа ЗТМ на Словенија и ХД европска консалтинг група доо од Белград . Предавачи на оваа обука беа Проф. Др Хендрик Вилеем Ресинк кој воедно е и Тим лидер на проектот и Руби Пиетерс од Амстердам, автори на современиот начин на обработка на крвни продукти како и Проф. Др Примож Рожман, Аполонија Уран, Ирена Разборшек, и Весна Галвани од Словенија Во рамки на проектот “Зајакнување на системот за безбедност на крв” финансиран од ЕУ, a имплементиран од ХД Eвропска Kонсалтинг Група доо од Белград од 27.01.2014 до 31.01.2014 во Заводот за трансфузиона медицина на Љубљана

Водич за подготовка, употреба и обезбедување на квалитет на крвните компоненти – 17-то издание


27th – 29th March 2014
QM Training Course 30 MDs.

The second QM Training course for 30 MDs within the project ”Strengthening of the Blood Safety System Project”,which wasfunded by EU, and implemented by HD European Consulting Group (lead partner), Institute for Blood Transfusion Serbia, and EPOS Health Management. It was performed in Skopje at conference premises, Hotel Tasino Češmiće, organized by the ECG and led by Key experts Prof. Reesink and Prof. Rožman, with the team of trainers, from Serbia, Slovenia and Netherlands, and with assistance of the staff of National Transfusion Institute Skopje, Macedonia.

The Programme consisted of 8 hours per day presentations and activities and started with a preliminary anonimous assessment of all participants, which showed a 57% of accuracy. After the end of the lectures one month later, the assessment resulted in 70,3% of accuracy, demonstrating success in mastering of the subject by the participants. All lectures were given in English and translated simultaneously into Macedonian languge. The atendees were given all lectures and accompanying materials translated into Macedonian language on usb.


“Strengthening of the Blood Safety System”
Implemented within the framework of IPA TAIB 2009



The EU is supporting the project that will contribute to the strengthening of the capacity of the National Institute of the Transfusion Medicine (NTIM) in terms of organisation of working procedures and staff training. This will enable NITM staff to perform the required duties and activities in the most efficient way in the new organisational scheme, thus providing a significant improvement of quality and safety of blood products in the country and effective functioning of the blood transfusion system. It will have a catalytic effect on the fundamental on going reforms of the system based on the national legislation for blood safety, fully harmonised with the EU Acquis.
clip_image008Project name:
Strengthening the
Blood Safety System

Source of financing
IPA 2009

482 000 EUR

March 2013-March 2014

The project aims to establish an integrated, well coordinated and sustainable blood safety system, that provides for accessible blood and blood products with high quality and safety that will prevent communicable diseases, serving the main functions of the national healthcare system and providing for efficient and effective health care in emergencies (both nationally and regionally).
The project is structured into two separate components:

Within the scope of Component 1 the project team will focus on the following subjects:

  • Reviewing and analysing the existing operational tools used by NITM : Guidelines and Practitioners’ Guide on Blood Safety containing Standard Operative Procedures
  • Preparing the draft of amended operational tools and submission to the beneficiaries for the approval;
  • Preparing Guidelines and Practitioners Guide on Blood Safety containing Standard Operative Procedures

Component 2: Capacity building of Health Professionals in the Field of Transfusion Medicine

The main objective of the project team is strengthening the capacities of health professionals working in the field for proper implementation of the blood system and providing adequate and timely supplies of safe blood for all patients in need.
According to the training needs assessment, 150 qualified health professionals and 30 specialists in transfusion medicine, biologists, biochemists, medical laboratory technicians will be trained on blood related issues and 12 professionals from NITM and regional Centres will be further trained in EU countries.

clip_image012Within the framework of this project, equipment for the blood transfusion services worth approximately 600 000 EUR will be provided.

Project is implemented by a Consortium led by HD European Consulting Group